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Individual social support

Companionship and Conversation

Developing positive relationships and engaging in regular activities can contribute to boosting mood, sense of purpose and overall wellbeing, in turn building motivation to eat regularly and improve nutritional outcomes.

One of our trained MoW volunteers can visit people regularly, in their own homes, to share a cuppa and a delicious MoW snack.

We do our best to match people with a volunteer who shares common interests and can arrange for visits of 30 mins or an hour, on a weekly or fortnightly basis – there are many options available.

Host with the Most

Inviting family or old friends over for dinner or even hosting a special occasion in their own home with loved ones, is now made easy.

We can support people to host a meal in their own home and share the fresh flavoursome food that is the MoW experience.

It is a simple process of ordering an additional meal(s) as required, with a regular meal order. Customers are responsible for the cost of the additional meals and additional meals will be delivered during regular branch rounds.

Mealtime support

Proper nutrition is important to keep the body strong and healthy.
We know that for some people, as they age or if they are experiencing early to middle stages of dementia, eating can become an issue of concern.

Mealtime support is available by a trained volunteer who can be at the persons’ home when their regular meal delivery arrives. They can support the customer to eat their meal, maintain mealtime routines, whilst encouraging them to be as independent as possible.

Digital support

Our tech savvy volunteers can teach people in their own home, on their own devices, how to use their technology safely, to maintain their independence and connections.
Using a Smartphone, tablet or computer, people can learn to confidently:
– online shopping – order groceries or other items for delivery to the home
– access My Aged Care
– stay in touch with family and friends
– search new recipes and ideas
– play games, do puzzles and keep the mind active
– using online devices safely and securely.

Group based social support

MoW branch lunches

Instead of eating Meals on Wheels lunch at home on their own – customers are invited to have their lunch at their local MoW branch in a restaurant like setting and enjoy the company of others who live in their local community.
Customers can meet the people who prepare and deliver the meals, see where all the action happens, hear about how MOW runs, or maybe listen to a guest speaker, and have the chance to contribute their ideas for future events.
Where: participating branches (details on request)
Timeframe: monthly lunch, 12.00pm – 2.00pm

Coffee at the Café or Lunch at the Pub

Meet at the local café or pub and enjoy the company of others whilst doing your bit to support businesses to recover after the COVID-19 restrictions.

Other Food Services

Cooking and food preparation lessons

In the safe and familiar environment of their own kitchen and with the support of a MoW volunteers, we can assist people to:
– plan meals for the week
– prepare some tasty foods or supplements, that complement regular MoW meals
– learn or re-learn simple food preparation and cooking skills
– create a simple meal from what is in the cupboard
– discover how to cook basic ingredients such as rice, pasta, eggs, vegetables, legumes and meat
– shop for healthy food choices online
– store and prepare food safely
Where: One-to-one in the home
Timeframe: delivered within a 12 week period, 60 – 90 mins per session

Men's Cooking Clubs

“I can’t cook, I’ve got to go out every night or buy tasteless, frozen dinners.”
“I’m not a natural cook. I can cook a barbecue, but nothing flash, nothing fancy.”

Often having been supported by their partners in the domestic stakes, many men can find themselves completely out of their comfort zone when finding themselves having to cook later in life.
Guys can now learn simple, basic cooking skills and how to prepare healthy snacks or lights meals to complement their regular MoW deliveries.
Coming together to learn to cook and regain some of their confidence, can have a huge impact on health and wellbeing.
Where: participating branches (details on request)
Timeframe: 10.00am – 12.30pm

Allied health services

Allied Health Services at home

“My W.I.S.E. Choice” can help can arrange for Allied Health professionals to visit and treat people in their own home to help improve their functional performance, strength, and endurance, all of which can impact on a persons’ nutritional needs and overall health and wellbeing.

A personalised reablement plan will identify the specific skill(s) that the customer wants to develop, which could include adapting to a loss of function after an accident or surgery, learning new skills or providing access to equipment and assistive technology to assist with independent living or manage ongoing health concerns.

We can help people to achieve their goals and enjoy ageing positively.

Goods, Equipment and Assistive Technology

Goods, equipment and assistive technology - Working for you

There is a world of simple, innovative gadgets, equipment and technologies that can provide short term assistance or ongoing solutions to help people stay independent and achieve their personal daily living goals.

A qualified MoW Allied Health Professional help people choose and access the best aids to meet their individual needs, whether it be
– performing everyday tasks more easily
– cooking, serving, eating meals safely
– remaining safe at home
– getting out and about in the community
– keep the mind active and improving memory.

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